Our History of Achievements

We began after the first Avon River red-zone land announcement in 2011, when people started really thinking what should become of the land. Our founding members are the Avon River Park Facebook group, the River of Life Project and Campaign for a Memorial Reserve Covenant.
We’ve grown to include many supporting individuals and organisations with a similar vision.
In May 2012 we delivered a petition signed by more than 18,500 people, asking Parliament "to work with the people and local authorities of Christchurch to ensure that the Avon River red zone becomes a reserve and river park when the home owners have to leave".
We work with other community groups aiming to build a better Christchurch, and liaise with and consult organisations such as CERA and the Christchurch City Council to help shape the future of land around the Avon River (known in Maori as Otakaro). We have made submissions to Parliament’s local government and environment select committee, the Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury.
Recently we have seen recognition of our advocacy in the Prime Minister’s announcement in April this year of a “community participation process … designed so the public has a say on the future use of the lands.”  This was enthusiastically endorsed by Mayor Lianne Dalziel with specific reference to the work of Avon-Ōtākaro Network.
Here is our full summary of achievements to date:
A: Petition to Parliament
18,500 signatures 2011/12
Select Committee 2012
CERA Strategy
CCC Central Plan
CCC Annual Plan 2012 
CCC 3-Year Plan 2013
Zone Implementation Plan (ZIP) 
Land Use recovery Plan
Natural Environment Recovery Plan (NERP)
New Brighton Master Plan
Ferry Road Master Plan
South Brighton Reserves Plans
C: Stakeholder Participation
NERP: ECan Strategy 
Sport Canterbury Report on Recreational Uses of the Avon River Corridor
CBD Avon River Park Design
South Brighton Reserves
D: Political Party Liaison
National and Ministers (including presentation to PM and Deputy PM 2013)
Labour MPs (including meetings with members of the Shadow Cabinet 2013)
Green MPs
E: Dignitaries
Diana, Lady Isaac appointed as Patron 
Invited to meet Prince Charles & Lady Camilla
Luncheon with Governor General
F: Liaison Meetings with CERA Teams
Policy & Planning
Community Wellbeing
RRZ Operations
G: Liaison with Scientific & Academic Communities
UC Geography
SCION Research
Landcare Research
LU Ecology
LU Landscape Architecture
Sustainability House
Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management
Botanic Gardens
H: Endorsements
Mayors Bob Parker & Lianne Dalziel
Endorsing Organisations 40+
Recognition from PM’s Fund Director and Rod Carr
I: Negotiation of Vegetation Retention
Surveys of RRZ lands
Seed Mixes
Access to RRZ
Vegetation Retention Methodology
Ring-fencing and maintenance of heritage gardens
J: Benefit Analysis
Funding secured, commissioned, published
K: Proposals for Interim Land Use
Riverside Heritage Garden Park
‘Apex’ Site
L: Forums
Membership 2012 
Project Proposals 2013
South Brighton Reserves 2013
Key Projects Mini-Conference 2014
Water Monitoring 2014
Water Quality 2014
Spatial Planning (with Eastern Vision and  EVO::SPACE) 2014
M: Spring River Festivals
2012 and 2013
N: River of Flowers
2012, 2103, 2014 – with Healthy Chch
Commemorative Letterbox Project 
O: World Wetlands Day
2013 and 2014 with Travis Wetlands Trust 
P: Mahinga Kai Project Development
Wider Catchment
Matariki Planting Day
Q: Geog 309 Projects
Biodiversity 2012
Storm water 2012
Cycleways 2013
Flood Management 2013
Mahinga Kai Exemplar Story Lessons 2014
Lake Kate Sheppard Bathymetry 2014
R: Geog 402 Projects
Wetlands for Storm Water treatment 2013
S: Geog Internship
Spatial Planning [GIS]
T: Website
Re-developed within a content management system
U: Media Advocacy
Numerous articles and reports in print, radio and TV media as documented in our News section
V: Documentaries
Bill Weatley / Peter Newman
Gerard Smythe
Paua Productions
W: Funding
Canterbury Earthquake Appeal Trust: $15M for Connecting Communities City-to-Sea (while not assigned to AvON directly we worked hard to ensure this funding was allocated for this purpose)
Pacific Development and Conservation Trust: $22k for Benefit Analysis
CCC: $20k toward Admin, Communication & Project Facilitation; $12k toward Spring River Festival 2012; $2.5k toward the Matariki Garden.
Foodstuffs Community Trust: $20k toward Spring River Festivals 
Canterbury Community Trust: $10k toward Spring River Festival 2013 
Methodist Synod: $3k toward start up costs
Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust: $2k toward on-going costs