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It was an interesting meeting organised by Mark Gibson on Wednesday 25th May evening. [More]

Greening the Red Zone River Walk

It was perfect walking conditions most of the way on the big river walk on 27 September 2014. Spring added a lot of life and colour to the river and banks with flowers, blossom, ducklings and cygnets in abundance. A lovely group of people that swelled to forty four along the River Road str... [More]

AvON welcomes Government announcement on residential red zone lands

“It is great that at last there is some forward traction on future use of the Avon River residential red zone lands, it is time we started to heal the wound that runs right through the east,” says Evan Smith Co-Chair of Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON). [More]

AvON ‘over the moon’ with funding announcement

The Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON) is “over the moon” $15m has been committed to connect the city to the sea, along the Avon/Otakaro River corridor. [More]

Lincoln study values benefits of a red zone river park at around a billion dollars over ten years

A new study by researchers at Lincoln University has valued the benefits of a city-to sea reserve in the Avon River residential red zone at around a billion dollars over ten years. [More]

River park group wants petition forms returned

The group campaigning to create a river park and reserve out of the Avon River Red Zone wants completed petition sheets returned now. [More]

Mayor Bob Parker backs 'great vision' for Avon River red zone

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has given his blessing to the campaign for a reserve and river park on the Avon River red zone, calling it “a great vision”. [More]