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On a Saturday morning, a roomful of community representatives are gathered at Christchurch Bridge Club for Joining the Dots – a go at figuring out a common plan for the Avon River residential red-zone organised by Eastern Vision. As convenor and former Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Rev Peter Beck, says at the start of the day, the city's recovery has had a rather top-down "done to us" feel about it so far. But what the Government does next with the 5500 sections and 430 hectares it red-zoned in July 2011 – an area two and half times the size of Hagley Park – is now meant to be a "done with" exercise. The concern hanging in the air is the Government is still determined to get part of its money back by fixing land and flogging it off.

Mayor Bob Parker backs 'great vision' for Avon River red zone

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has given his blessing to the campaign for a reserve and river park on the Avon River red zone, calling it “a great vision”. [More]