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Help clean up the Avon

Here's your chance to get out in the fresh air, meet like-minded people and help clean up the environment at the same time! Conservation Volunteers New Zealand is holding five litter pick-up days around Christchurch's eastern waterways, from late July through August. The places, dates and times are... [More]

Exciting projects to reinvent the red zone

Kiwi returning to Christchurch, wetland reserves filtering the city’s storm water and a marine reserve off the entrance to the Estuary.

These are just three exciting possibilities the public can explore at an all-day “Projects Forum” hosted by the Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON).

Public barbecue to celebrate World Wetlands Day

The public and media of Christchurch are invited to a nature walk and barbecue to celebrate World Wetlands Day, on Saturday, February 2. [More]