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I cheated on my boyfriend


Hello everyone. Do not judge too harshly just want vysskazala, who can say something worthwhile.

I have been married for 8 years, love my wife, I have two children, whom I love. Generally speaking, all in our family perfectly. I am a family man, the women do not walk, friends are rare, all the free time I spend with my family. One month ago was the best friend's birthday, we went to a cafe. The wife could not go, because the children were sick and could not leave them and I went alone. It all started with a cafe. It was fun and well, of course I got drunk, because a friend had an anniversary. So in the cafe, we got drunk and went on a walk. Then I do not remember anything. I wake up at 4 am hours in bed, and next to an unknown woman, and even naked, sleeping.

And then I realize that I'm not at home with his wife, and the hell knows where, and with a strange woman. Of course, I quickly packed up and dumped. Head strongly rasskalyvalas and therefore the understanding that I changed his beloved wife came only when I raised home. The strangest thing that I do not feel guilt and shame. Yes, drills that something inside of such things, are not clear sense of what the feeling of guilt, but it is strange that changed,

I bet I'm not hysterical with grief and saying how I could change. This is what scares me. After poidee man who loves his family, should feel incredibly strong sense of guilt, and I ... It's like a soulless piece of stone, do not feel anything, except for a small sense of pity that it all happened. Why can this be? Can anyone else encountered similar.

P.S. Opinions of people for whom change is to go for bread - not interested.