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It was an interesting meeting organised by Mark Gibson on Wednesday 25th May evening.  Refer: http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/80402746/residents-feel-shut-out-over-plans-for-christchurch-residential-red-zone%20

It is unfortunate that the Press continues to promote competition rather than collaboration between proposals by running polls on 3 of them. In our view they are NOT mutually exclusive, all have value and community support and, subject to technical feasibility (yet to be determined), have a place in the AvON vision for the red zone - along with many other compatible proposals.

This vision comprises two layers: an underlying layer of naturally restored native eco-reserve that enhances water quality, biodiversity and mahinga kai values; and an overlaid city-to-sea river park that meets diverse community needs for recognition of community and cultural heritage, play, recreation and sport, organic food production, arts and entertainment, learning, training, employment, business and tourism.

Our core values include inclusive community-driven science-informed decision-making with regard to the future use of the red zone lands, integrated planning that maintains the integrity of the Otakaro red zone corridor within the wider context of the eastern suburbs, and the need to recognise the true value of social, cultural, ecological and environmental benefits in any economic analysis.

It was good to see many of these core values emerge from Wednesday nights discussions.

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