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Public barbecue to celebrate World Wetlands Day

Public barbecue to celebrate World Wetlands Day

The public and media of Christchurch are invited to a nature walk and barbecue to celebrate World Wetlands Day, on Saturday, February 2.

Hosted by the Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON), Travis Wetlands Trust and River of Life Project, the event begins with a nature walk around the Travis Wetland at 4pm, followed by a barbecue at 6pm.

Experts on wetlands ecology will be there to discuss wetlands in general and Travis Wetland in particular. They include Travis Wetlands Trust president and Landcare Research ecologist Colin Meurk, and AvON co-chair and convenor of the River of Life Project, Mark Gibson, among others.

People can ask about animal and plant species in the wetlands; how the wetlands survived the earthquakes; the Travis Wetlands eco-sanctuary proposal; how the wetlands fit into the AvON vision for the Avon-Otakaro River Park and more.

Free sausage sizzle and soft drink – guests are asked to bring a salad and whatever other refreshments they wish to contribute to the meal.

WHAT: Nature walk and barbecue

WHY: Celebrate World Wetlands Day

WHEN: Saturday, February 2, 4pm (txt or call 029 739 9796 if weather is doubtful)

WHERE: Travis Wetland Education Centre, Beach Rd

FREE: Sausage sizzle and soft drinks – please bring salad and other refreshments


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