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River park ‘a lifeline’ for eastern suburbs’ recovery

River park 'a lifeline' for eastern suburbs' recovery

The proposed Avon-Otakaro River Park will be a lifeline for the eastern suburbs and form the backbone of their recovery, says the group campaigning to turn the Avon River residential red zone into a river park and reserve.

In its submission on the Christchurch City Council’s draft annual plan, the Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON) says the park could provide a framework for a recovery plan for the eastern suburbs.

“The river corridor provides the lifeline and the backbone upon which the recovery of the east can be built,” the submission says.

It says the council needs to develop an over-arching plan for all of the eastern suburbs, rather than taking a piecemeal approach.

“This is particularly important because of the very significant degree to which these parts of the city have been impacted by the earthquakes and because of the diversity of recovery agencies with different responsibilities

“This plan in turn needs to dovetail into recovery plans and strategies for the city as a whole.”

And it says the rebuild of infrastructure, parks and sports facilities need to occur in such a way that they do not preclude development of the park.

“The AvON vision has provided a beacon of hope and comfort through the heartache, frustration and angst of the here and now challenges of earthquake recovery. It has captured the imagination of people because it offers respite from the present and hope for the future. It promotes a wonderful legacy for generations to come and the potential to build prosperity for the region.

“Such visions are exceedingly important to restore confidence in the future of the city and bolster the strength and resilience within communities to work through the current phase of the recovery.”


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