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River park group wants petition forms returned


River park group wants petition forms returned

The group campaigning to create a river park and reserve out of the Avon River Red Zone wants completed petition sheets returned now.

Avon-Otakaro Network (AvON) spokesman Mark Gibson said with the petition deadline of January 15 fast approaching, the group wanted to begin counting signatures.

“We are asking everyone who has been collecting signatures to send in any full sheets they may have now, before the January 15 deadline,” Mr Gibson said. “They can then continue collecting signatures until just before the deadline, and send any remaining sheets in – no matter how many signatures are on them – closer to the deadline.”

The petition asks Parliament “to work with the people and local authorities of Christchurch to turn the Avon River red zone into a reserve and river park when the home owners have to leave the area”.

Completed forms should be sent to the address on the top, PO Box 18-786, New Brighton, Christchurch 8641.


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