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There are 6 Red Zone Treks as follows:
24/09/2016         Saturday 2pm–4.30pm Riverside Heritage
Meet: By bridge on corner Cambridge Terrace and Barbadoes Street, Central City
Approx distance: 6km
Learn about the pre and post European heritage as you discover different areas around the city including O-Tautahi, the Bricks, Engelfield Lodge, Avonside Girls High School, Avebury House, and River Road.

28/09/2016        Wednesday 6pm–8pm Bexley Past & Future
Meet: South west corner of Pages Road Bridge, corner of Wairoa Street and Pages Road
Approx distance: 5km
Enjoy a twilight walk along the river to Bexley Wetlands, down Anzac Drive before returning through Pacific Park, Harold Henry Park and through the red zone to Pages Road. Explore the past and potential future of the area with input from ex-Bexley residents and Avon-Otakaro Forest Park.

01/10/2016         Saturday 2pm–4pm Mahinga Kai Sanctuary
Meet: Matariki Gardens, Chimera Crescent, New Brighton
Approx distance: 6km
Experience the Mahinga Kai Exemplar site where 7,500 native plants have been planted over the past 30 months. Enjoy talks of cultural significance, the meaning of mahinga kai, the objectives of the mahinga kai exemplar project, the waterways and how they work, and the proposal for an eco-sanctuary.

02/10/2016         Sunday 2pm–4pm Avonside Eden
Meet: Parklet Corner Retreat Road/Patten Street, Avonside
Approx distance: 4–5km
Rambling through the Red Zone, with reflections from the past, and visions for the future.

07/10/2016         Friday 6.30–8pm Southshore Sunset
Meet: Corner of Caspian Street/ Ebbtide Street, Southshore
Approx distance: 7km
Take an evening walk along the top of dunes to the Southshore spit then across to the estuary edge. Learn  about the estuary, the wildlife, and the impacts of red zoning on the local community.

08/10/2016         Saturday 2pm–4.30pm Dallington Horseshoe Lake
Meet: Corner Queensbury Street/New Brighton Road, Burwood
Approx distance: 10km
Discover more of the Red Zone including Kerrs Reach and Horseshoe Lake with talks from Avon-Otakaro Network, Avon-Otakaro Forest Park, East Lake Trust, White Water Society and ex-residents of the area.

Note: Not suitable for prams, buggies or wheelchairs. Wear good footwear as there is some rough terrain.

More information at our Facebook Page and the Walking Festival Website

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