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We have quite a bit to say in the media. Here are some of the articles and programmes that relate to AvON or the AvON vision:


Get on your bike and meet your mates in the middle at one of the many neat picnic spots, check out some of the restoration sites, where the fun things to do are and what is proposed to come..... more


The Mother of All Clean Ups, an annual riverside rubbish clearing effort is adapting to lockdown life and staying close to home this year.... more



Post-lockdown infrastructure projects for city top $1 billion
Coronavirus: Christchurch must again embrace tiresome 'city of resilience' tag
Red Zone Restart: What's happening in Christchurch's abandoned eastern suburbs?
Memorial realised for Christchurch red zone stayer John Taylor
Great southern city: Christchurch in 2030
Couches, mattresses and a boat: 25 tonnes of rubbish dumped in Christchurch red zone
Anika Moa headlining free family concert in Christchurch red zone
Do Christchurch local body candidates know about the red zone? A community group thinks not
Christchurch red zone park gets green light
Christchurch red zone plan approval may clear path for projects
Council decides to 'move on', approves post-quake deal with Crown
Cards on the table as councillors consider one last twist over Govt quake deal
Major Christchurch projects to be handed to city council
Deal for Christchurch's quake-damaged red zone returns power to the people
Traditional feast to celebrate Matariki in Christchurch's red zone
Funding cut, early end for controversial rebuild body Regenerate Christchurch
Memorial planned for Christchurch red zone stayer John Taylor
Thx 4 the Memories red zone exhibition may lay ghosts to rest
What has happened to ideas for Christchurch's red zone?
AvON Press Advert on Governance
Twisted Bridge to return to the banks of the Avon
Munted Footbridge returning to Avon riverside
Footbridge destroyed by earthquake to return to the Avon River as memorial
Tiki Taane on song as Avon River event draws 5000-strong crowd
Tiki Taane playing free gig in Christchurch red zone
On trail to new opportunities
Should red zone river corridor be controlled by CCC?
Getting wet, wild and wise for whitebait
Large Feast Celebrates Matariki
Paying tribute to the Avon-Otakaro Network
The people of Christchurch need a say in how the $300 million of Government funds are spent
'How else are we going to fix this?'
Crunch time in Christchurch’s red zone 
After seven years, who is scratching the itch in Christchurch's east?
'This is my place' – seven years on
Engaging with young people
The battle of Chch's proposed red zone lakes
Feedback on Chch red zone supports ecological restoration
Chch's twisty earthquake damagaed bridge to form part of mini golf course
Avon and Heathcote River Story, Canterbury: River Story finalist at the New Zealand River Awards 
Popular green spine vision for Chch's red zone missing from options
Evaluation of Chch City
To build or not to build that is the red zone question
Watch red zone land use options discussed
Chch's red zone celebrates construction milestone
What does a big idea look like? -  blue carbon proposal for Chch's red zone
Housing on the cards for Chch red zone land
Chch red zone cycling project to open
Chch Cycle Trail set to open
Meet in the Middle
What is Te Ara Ōtākaro?
Govt spent $1.5B acquiring Chch red zone - now worth $21M
Horseshoe lake and other unsung heroes of draining a flat city
Signs point way for red zone ramblers
Matariki rises again in the red zone
Reimagining the Avon River for recreation and nature
Avon-Ōtākaro river trail taking shape
Mother Nature the focus of Christchurch clean up
Flat Water Course Proposal "could bring city millions'"
Logo Competition for Avon-Ōtākaro River Trail
Gerry Brownlee: Trail will be an asset
Work starts on Christchurch red zone walk-run-bike trail
Editorial: Call for red zone boldness vital but let's not wait another six years
Avon Trail
Call to secure future of Christchurch's red-zoned Avon River corridor
Daring to be bold in the Otakaro Avon River corridor​
Whitewater and surfing park idea for Chch's residential red zone gains traction
Gallipoli Peninsula stones included in new garden
Red Zone stories help shape area's future
Kids generate red zone ideas
New plans submitted for red-zone water facility
What is about to happen to Christchurch's red zone?
NZ-style Garden of Eden and whitewater rapids: dreaming big in Chch's red zone
River of Flowers to mark the sixth anniversary of Feb quakes
Timelines more important than masterplans for Christchurch projects
First steps into Christchurch's residential red zone
Making sense of the Avon red zone
Avon-Otakaro Network (Mahinga Kai Exemplar)
Opinion: Piecemeal planning for Chch's red zone puts greater vision at risk
First steps for Christchurch red zones announced
What will become of the Avon River red zone?
“Massive” support among electoral candidates
Green Dreams for Chch Red Zone
Avon-Otakaro Network Crowd-Funding
WHAKA INAKA: causing whitebait
Forest Park Vision for Red Zone
Christchurch locals still want a clean, green garden city
Spatial effects of the Canterbury earthquakes on inanga spawning
Christchurch waterways awash with flowers
What will Christchurch look like in 2021?
Blooms sent around Christchurch for River of Flowers
River of Flowers moving rembrance of quake loss and hope
Red Zone gift would be a wise investment
Bid to get Red Zone for a Dollar (Pegasus Post)
Time to loosen Christchurch's Victorian corset
Radio NZ: When you think of the Avon-Otakaro river...
What can be done to rescue the Avon?
Christchurch's ailing Avon River among the country's most polluted
Press Editorial: Cleaning up the Avon River
Calls for locally-led regeneration phase of Christchurch's quake rebuild
Christchurch's Avon River - a story of 'shameful neglect'
Take care if you try to poke the taniwha of the red zone lands
Govt eyes red zone options to recoup money
Hearing of Submissions on LTP - Avon-Otakaro Network - Evan Smith​
Extend clean up to more of Avon, residents urge
Tour to highlight region's wetlands
People treat red zone as dump
Sewage pouring into city rivers
Bringing tui back to the city
Christchurch rivers still 'open sewers'
Clean green natural amenities top community wish-list for the east
It's time to talk about the east
East basks in the hot political spotlight
Matariki Heralds Rejuvenation
First mahinga kai project begins in CHCH Red Zone
Red zone planting project underway in Christchurch
Red zone greening project takes root in Chch
Red zone to get green boost
PM: Red zone decision months away
Christchurch: Resilient City
Will Christchurch still be the Garden City?
Three years on, Christchurch natural beauty still not restored
Share your quake memories
River of Flowers to return in 2014
New project aims to save Christchurch's Avon River
Christchurch: after the earthquake, a city rebuilt in whose image?
Keeping It Pure: Episode 3 - Fresh Water
Red-zone talk must start now
Eco-sanctuary could be huge tourist attraction
Red-zoners still stuck in limbo
Plan to restore the environment and Mayors Speech 
Decisions urged on future of red zone
Key backs plans to revitalise Brighton, but no funding offer
Public to have say in future of red-zone land
Spring River Festival a hit and video
[New Zealand Geographic] Red Zone
Letterboxes tell stories of lost homes
$15M to connect Avon River to sea
River bacteria levels steady after quake
High cost of Avon River upgrade questioned by locals
Is the abandoned east a future Crown goldmine?
Christchurch from the streets
Green volunteers deserve a hug
Quake-hit residents now face flood risk
Indiana Jones style lost civilisation planned for Christchurch
Green dreams for river red zone
Gorse seen as threat to Christchurch park idea
Symbolic bridge to be put in storage
Create Gardens on Vacant Sections
Zone Life: Saving our trees
Geologist warns of 'jelly bowl'
Avon petition heads to Parliament
Avon park petition bound for posterity
Avon park petition journey
Greens support creation of Avon-Otakaro River Park
Lady Isaac supports river reserve proposal
'Beautiful' petition gets warm welcome
Orange Zone home owners remain in limbo
Petition heads to Parliament
City-to-sea park would enhance Christchurch
Avon petition heads to Parliament
Labour leader signs Avon park petition
Parts of the red zone 'won't be rebuilt'
Stand up People's Republic of Christchurch
Promoters of river park extend petition deadline
Group campaigns for park on red zone land
Avon River park call popular
6000 red zone homes to be bowled
Support for plan to make reserve
Visions of Avon's future
Opt for the do-able
Draft City Plan: Dreaming Green
Experts like what they see


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Dragon boaters walking across the Avon River during the 2012 Spring River Festival. Photo by Molly Spink.